Kichijoji store only !! outlet bike !!

Good evening! It's almost time for the rainy season. The best season has arrived to embark on the fix. Thankfully, recently in the cityLeader BikesI feel that I have seen more. I hope that more people know the piste bike, and that the number of people who focus on bicycles, not cars or trains, will increase. Therefore! It's tough on a budgetLeader BikesI want to ride! ! For those who At the Kichijoji store, ""Outlet bikeWe are preparing! !
It's cheaper, but I'm not selling fake things lol The old model, the exhibition slandered ... At the same price, it is to give a cheap product that cannot be served to customers at a low price! ! Of course, we need to be assured that the mechanic will guarantee the performance and safety aspects! ! Honestly, it's dangerous, but lol, we're happy if there is one more person who puts on the fixie bike with this opportunity! It will be only one point and it will be a first -come, first -served basis, so I hope you can check it at the store. New outlet bikes have also increased. This is also a featured product! ! of course"SplitIs also possible to purchase! ! In addition, those who can not come to the store are also waiting for orders and inquiries by phone or email! Please feel free to contact us first! Mazda BROTURES KICHIJOJI TEL: 0422-27-6155 Email:
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