It's okay with sudden rain !!!

Recently, the rain has been raining due to the rainy season. 。 。 Many people may not be able to ride a piste bike even though they have purchased it!? Also, there are many people who have experienced the worst case, saying that it was raining before leaving home, but it was raining on the way home. Today we will introduce a must -have item for riding a fixie bike. If you have this, you can carry it by train even on sudden rain !!! Tioga Cocoon Ring Back ¥ 4,000 (+Tax)
All you have to do is remove the front wheel and put it in the ring bag. If you have the following tools, the front wheels can be removed immediately, so anyone can easily put it in a ring bag. PORTABLE PEDAL WRENCH ¥ 1,780- (+Tax)
It is easy to use this ring back, so if you get used to it, it can be done in about 2-3 minutes! ! Not only sudden rain, but also when traveling or playing by train with friends, it is possible to ride a fixie bike while traveling !!! I think that if you have this, the way of playing will be expanded !!! It is a must -have item you want to stock in the back. Let's survive the remaining rainy season with this product !!! U-KI.
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