Hello! ! Today, I would like to introduce parts, not the body! ! After purchasing the body, I think custom desire will gradually come out! ! Some people also customize the custom, while others are customized for their effects! ! The parts introduced today are brands that have both appearance and effect! ! [ENVE] Envi is a relatively new American brand that started in 2008 under the name of edge composite. The company name was changed to Envi in ​​September 2010 due to trademark issues in Europe, but lightweight and high -accurate high -performance carbon parts will further increase their momentum and continue to accelerate. The main product of the company is carbon rim, but it has a lineup of forks, stem, steering, and pillars, and also makes custom tubes for frame for frame builders. Envi's strength is the high technical capabilities of excellent technical teams. There are many people who were in charge of design in the top brand of the bicycle industry, so they have a wealth of knowledge of carbon materials and their manufacturing methods. Some technicians have been involved in carbon production for more than 30 years, and they also tag with super elite who have experienced F1 engineers. For this reason, Envi's products have been highly evaluated around the world, despite their new brands, and are active in the road race scenes, as well as cyclocross, triathlon, and MTB categories. Parts and crushers who use the harsh use in downhill often push the drums saying, "Only Envi is OK!" ・ ENVE ROAD BAR ¥ 44,000 (+tax)
ENVE carbon is lightweight, but it features high strength, so it is famous for using wheel parts in the field of cyclocross and MTB. It is different from the carbon handle that is light but fluffy! ! I don't like the carbon handle! ! There are many people who are negative, but you can see the carbon handle of ENVE by touching it, but it is quite hard! ! It is a different hardness from carbon! ! It feels like an aluminum, so I think it's good to use this carbon handle! ! ・ ENVE SEATPOST ¥ 35,000 (+tax)
The more you like to run, the more you care about! ! The seat post made using ENVE's high -quality carbon It is a masterpiece that is used in various genres such as road, cyclocross, MTB, and fixes! It has a lightweight, rigidity and durability, and has a tough finish that can withstand hard riding! Also, the design is simple, so it suits any bicycle! How about custom around the seat? ? Why don't you customize the strongest carbon brand [ENVE] to your favorite car? ? By all means, please come to the Osaka store and see it and touch it! ! ! Then we are waiting for you at BROTURES OSAKA! ! Ayumu.
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