The last one.

Speaking of baton wheels, there are various manufacturers. Omogo HED, characteristic design CORIMA, historic Aerospoke. Of course, it has been released from Broturs, but it was very popular British BLB. Just the other day, the miraculously arrived wheels gradually departed and had one remaining one. The rounded baton part is very popular, and the good thing about BLB is that you do not choose the vehicle to be installed. It is such a BLB 03, but only one rear is left! Speaking of the merit of putting a baton in the rear, the baton part stops quickly the moment you skid.

BLB Notorious 03 Rear Wheel ¥ 105,000 (+Tax)

It is really only one of the stock, and the next arrival is not planned. Don't miss this opportunity! → Click here for inquiries ← Adatch 045-413-7875 [Brotures YOKOHAMA Road Blog]
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