Tioga Cocoon Flex in Stock!

It's finally the summery season. It is on the verge of summer batter, but the bicycle on this time is also fun. But in this heat, it is difficult to go and return, and if you run a round trip by yourself, you will be strict. Good news. Why do not you go just on or return?

TIOGA FLEX COCOON Ring Back ¥ 5,400 (+Tax) LIFU pedal box wrench ¥ 1,950 (+tax)

I haven't done it. 。 I'm scared of being angry. 。 I think you have a feeling. I really understand. But it's easy to do. I often go on a glue pride day, so it's a daily occurrence to go a little bit of a wheel. To run, just remove the "front wheel" and put it in the ring back. The type of Flex Cocoon this time is a stretch nylon because the saddle part that protrudes is stretched. Strictly speaking, it is a taboo that saddles and the like are popping out of the bag as the rules of the ring. The rules are rarely angry, but the rules are rules. The Flex Cocoon type introduced this time has a dedicated pouch, so if you put a LIFU pedal box wrench together in the porch, there is no scary. When participating in a glue pride in a distant store. When I want to ride along the sea, I move far away by wheel. I personally want to go from Tokyo to Enoshima and run along the sea in the sunny weather. How about a convenient ring bag if you have one? → Click here for inquiries ← Adatch yokohama@brotures.com 045-413-7875 [Brotures YOKOHAMA Road Blog]
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