Eliminate the summer enemy "hand sweat" b...

In this season, when I approached the summer and sweated, the great enemy was hand sweating ... In severe cases, you may slip your hands from the handle and fall! In such a case, I want to attach it to the handle It can be rolled up evenly on drops and bullhorns, and it has a high grip, which leads to accident prevention. There are plenty of color variations, so it is perfect as a color accent.
It's okay to wrap a bar tape around the riser bar.
There are plenty of BMX grips, so feel free to riser bars! Recently, if you think your hands will not slip, please contact the Brotures staff! By the way, it's only here that I rode a trackdrop without a bar tape and slipped my hand and fell .... lol 03-6804-3115 harajuku@brotures.com Kiyo
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