Today we will introduce some recommended wheels from hand -based wheels stocked in the Osaka store. ZIPP 417 Clincher x PHIL WOOD TRACK HUB Rear \ 127,160- (+Tax) Rim: ZIPP 417 Clincher Rim Rim weight: 562g Rim height: 45mm Spokes: DT Swiss Competition Number of spokes: 28 Hub: PHIL WOOD TRACK HUB Rear Compatible tires: Clincher 19-23C End width: 120mm Wheel weight: 1120g First of all, ZIPP is rare at the Osaka store. I think there are many people who do not know the ZIPP 417 rim used for the hand -assembled wheels this time. In Japan, ZIPP's complete carbon wheels are sold, but selling them alone is quite rare. This 417 model has already finished production, and the one that arrived at the Osaka store was the last one in the dead stock. I tried to assemble such a rare rim with outstanding PHILWOOD in both rotation and durability. In addition, since the dimple processing, which is a ZIPP patent, is made in the rim, it reduces air resistance from the front while driving and increases the turnover rate. ZIPP is used overseas by many riders, but I don't think there are many things in Japan. Even more, there are not many wheels in the combination of ZIPP and PHIL. In terms of price, it is cheaper than buying a ZIPP -made wheel, and it is a truly recommended wheel. Fuji
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