Part★7.Brotures OSAKA SNAP.

Today's blog is Snap Bike after a long absence. This is the 7th bullet. Snapup customers who love the rare Leader Bikes chromoly frame today. I was still young, and I bought a stiff part while being a college student, and a high -spec bicycle was finished !!! Hideaki Shio (22) Born in Hiroshima Leader Bikes 722TS HERITAGE. Gear ratio: 3.06 PARTSSPEC [Frame] Leader Bikes 722TS HERITAGE [Handle] DEDA Street ISM [Grip] EXTREME GRIP [STEM] DEDA ZERO100 PISTA [SADDLE] fabric scoop [SeatPost] Thomson Elite [CRANK] SRAM OMNIUM [Chainring] Factory 5 49T [BB] Ceramic Speed ​​BB Ceramiv Converter [COG] EURO-ASIA SUPERSTAR 16T [WHEEL] BROTURES SHRED88 CARBON WHEEL [Hub] PHILWOOD × BROTURES R Discerning points: Custom a simple Leader Bikes chromoly frame with an impact carbon diprim wheels before and after. Produce a street feeling. The underbody is the most favorite point, combining SRAM OMNIUM and the Factory5 chain ring recently arrived in Osaka, the BB is firmly customized with CERAMIC SPEED BB Ceramiv Converter, not only the appearance but also the driving surface. It is one of. As you can see from the specifications, the finish is almost almost completed. This is the seventh snap bike this time. I'm going to snap more and more customers like today's customers !!! If you get to BROTURES OSAKA, let's snapup !!! U-KI.
1-19-22 Minamihorie, Nishi Ward, Osaka City MAP
12:00-19:00 (no regular holidays)