Leader Bikes 735TR x Campagnolo Custom

Leaderbikes popular model 735tr ... Today, I customized Campagnolo Pista as the main part with Brotures T3 Pro! Campagnolo, a rear wheel manufacturer, is a manufacturer specializing in long -established Italian bicycle parts founded in 1933. Campagnolo products are highly accurate and have many stylish designs. Campagnolo is the best component brand in both name and reality. Campagnolo Pista Wheel is issued from Campagnolo for Track.
And the front wheels are installed with BROTURES products T3PRO, and lightweight, acceleration, and both are perfect.
The handle is equipped with a reputable full carbonable horn bar DEDA DABAR.
In Tokyo, where there are many ups and downs, I recommend a bullhorn that can go up like a kicking uphill with a posture with the upper body! Furthermore, the weight is only 174g, and it is a tremendous lightness, and if you have made a handle ranking at the Harajuku store, it is a popular top three. Pay attention to the drive line and customize EURO-ASIA SUPERSTAR.
From the Rio Olympics, EURO-ASIA will provide a gold medal pro for the Japanese national team of truck competitions, and I am looking forward to the future players! I also use it, but the chain is good and the noise has subsided! Recommended for those who have not experienced it yet. Please feel free to contact us as you can purchase parts as well as completed cars alone. In the case of 36 loan payments First time ... ¥ 12,329- 35 times since then ... ¥ 12,100- → Click here to make a reservation ← 03-6804-3115 harajuku@brotures.com Kiyo
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