735tr "Corima" Custom !!

Hello! It seems to rain all day today. If you can't do chari through commuting, you will get stress. We are still good because we are late, but the one -in -morning commuting rush is not accumulated. Every day, for train commuting, I really take off my hat. smile Well, this is when you can't ride a bicycle! Isn't it an ant to think about custom? Even if it is for commuting, the cooler will increase the tension, and if you customize it, you will be more looking forward to riding a bicycle! ! This custom made 735TR good, so I will introduce it! !
■ Leader Bikes 735TR "CORIMA" CUSUTOM ¥ 408,900- (+Tax) Front Wheel:CORIMA 3 Spoke 2D HM ¥ 134,000 (+Tax) Rear Wheel:SHRED88 ¥ 59,000 (+tax) Handle:TNI Carbon Rizer Bar ¥ 11,000 (+Tax) SADDLE: Selle San Marco Concor Racing ¥ 19,900 (+Tax) 735TR, which can be said to be the face of Leader Bikes. It is the highest model in the 7 series. Is the smooth frame seemingly carbon at first glance? The 2016 model has a more aero feeling than before. I feel like it is increasing. The very thick aero frame has an impact that overwhelms all the viewers, and the matte black is also a good idea. Frame geometry is also more compact than before, so it would be quite easy for beginners to ride. Well, it's cool anyway! smile
CORIMA 3 Spoke 2D HM ¥ 134,000 (+Tax) "CORIMA 3 SPOKE 2D HM" was customized to 735TR. It's light anyway. I will be surprised. Because it is only 665g for the piste front. Moreover, it turns around because the ceramic bearing is standard equipment. It doesn't stop just by turning it by hand. For the time being, it is exclusively for tubular, but I think it would be cheap if this specification was this price. It is highly recommended for those who are looking for baton wheels! ! This time, the rear wheels are wearing Shred88, so you can reduce it much. The carbon rizer is also included in the handle, so you can reduce the burden on your wrist as well as the weight reduction. It was a custom -based custom carbon -based custom, but I think it was a custom without compromise! ! We will also attach a loan simulation, so I hope everyone can refer to it.
Screenshot 2016-07-09 14.16.55-min
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