Leader Kagero x Brotures Shred Wheel

BORTURES SHRED WHEEL, which has been decided to be sold from the 16th Display motorcycles are being assembled one after another. Leader Kagero Phantom Pearl x Brotures Shred Wheel
Kagero is located in the high -end model in the Leader Bike frame With a reputable frame that everyone says that it is easy for everyone to ride Kagero Geometry's quick reaction is a city ride, both long distances Is even more entertained. For a lightweight and supple aluminum frame The parts are brotures original carbon parts custom. It is no exaggeration to say that Brotures Shred Wheel is the most living custom. By using a polished crank at one point There is a sense of luxury somewhere.
Kagero SHRED WHEEL CUSUTOM ¥ 305,000 Leader Bike Kagero Custom Bike ¥ 147,000
Sales start on 2/16! We are currently accepting reservations. If you have any questions, please contact the store. BROTURES SHRED WHEEL Front ¥ 52,500 BROTURES SHRED WHEEL REAR ¥ 54,600 SHRED WHEEL before and after set ¥ 99,750
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