Leader Bike Hurricane 700c High Grade Cus...

Hello! Did you know that your eyebrows exist to concentrate the light and protect your eyes? We will start the unrelated bean knowledge series without permission. I'm Natsuka. By the way, TOKYO WHEEL in the last 735TR, and HED3 and the crank are Omnium, Thomson is a stem! The regulars who set up the best one, such as Next is a special trick bike! ! Leader Bike Hurricane 700C!!
It is not a normal custom. Wheel isBrotures Original Deep Comp Complete WHEEL
Pay attention here, this HUB !! PHILWOOD TRACK HIGH FLANGE FLONT HUB ¥ 21,420 yen (tax included) and Rear ¥ 22,470 yen (tax included)Is in! !
! The crank is Leader Bike Savior Crank. Savior is a savior. Name is also wonderful. One chain one frame makes the street feeling stronger! Gusset Slink Chain 3,150 yen (tax included)
The seat is Animal Bikes Nigel Sylvestor Pivotal Seat ¥ 4,725 (tax included) Weight: Approximately 282g Length: about 220mm, about 135mm in a wide range
The handle is
NS Bikes Proof Riser Bar ¥ 6,900 yen (tax included) Lightweight high -spec riser bar using 7000s aluminum! The stem is Thomson, the head parts are Animal, which is a very luxurious trick bike!
This Hurricane isMichael Chacon's signature model。 A movie commemorating his 20 -year -old birthday was distributedHereCheck out!
Seriously custom trick bikes! ! Isn't it cool? Leader Bike Hurricane 700C natsuka
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