Handmade technology by former bicycle racing players We continue to support the potential of many top riders, including bicycle racers NJS Builder [Tsuruoka Racing] BROTURES will be on sale from tomorrow! Even if you do lightweight custom with various carbon parts After all the largest part is the frame. A carbon frame with a material that is lightweight and supple, and is suitable for riding on public roads. It is a slightly different fixie bike.
The history of Tsuruoka Racing's chromoly frame, which celebrates its 25th anniversary, is From the commitment of the selection pipe to the welding that does not allow the wrongdoing, There is no compromise until painting that attracts the viewer. The high technology of Japan is in the spotlight from the world, regardless of domestic.

In recent years, he has been focusing on the development of carbon products as well as chromoly.

At our own carbon factory, which also owns auto crave, we also paint

Carefully selected by builders (Mr. Yoshida, Mr. Nakazawa)

The quality control of processing technology is highly evaluated.

The carbon frame to be released this time is a sloping design Securing both brake holes and is a product for street. In addition to the elegant pearl black and gloss white, Available in three colors of bespoke matte black.
A special price of 105,000 yen is sold for 10 units with a frame and fork set. Released on February 16! Of course, we also accept consultation on custom bikes. Tsuruoka Racing Original Carbon Frame ¥ 105,000- Tsuruoka Racing Original Carbon Frame KARASU ¥ 115,500-
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