Various stem! Appeared from that brand!


In today's blog, I would like to introduce one of the important parts "Stem"!

There are various angles and lengths, and it is a part where you can feel the riding comfort just by changing it!

And the aluminum stem also appeared from the "famous brand of that carbon"

I would like to introduce it together!

This time, I talked about various things on YouTube, so please take a look first!

As explained in this video, it will be a very important part

Why don't you choose according to the application? ?

・ Thomson X4 ¥ 12,100 (in tax)

It is an aluminum parts manufacturer with abundant technologies and experience in 30 years of computer control machining device (CNC). The product, which is made based on the high reliability and strength design that is entrusted with parts used by the aircraft industry's largest aircraft, is now a bench mark for racing stem seat posts.

・ Enve Alloy Mountain Stem ¥ 16,984 (in Tax)

Envi is a dynamic American brand that gathers skilled craftsmen who manufacture the world's best carbon fiber products.
By combining the world's outstanding frame builders and the world's best athletes in the world to combine the industry leading technology and feedback from a world -class athlete, a product with the ultimate lightness, rigidity and durability. Aluminum stem has come out from "ENVE"! !

There are many people who are worried! !

This time, I focused on these two brands!

Please refer to those who are thinking about custom or those who are changing riding comfort!

Ayumu the daddy.

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