To you who think it's expensive to assemb...


In today's blog, I would like to introduce "Tyrant Bikes Kagero"!

Kagero of "Tyrant Bikes", which appeared as a high -end model of "Leader®︎" in the first place

Basically, the frame is sold, and it is not sold as a "finished car" like Leader®︎!

So, if you assemble from the frame, the amount will go up! Many people think that!

but! Not only Kagero, but even frame sales can make a "standard" custom by the completed car!

I want to reduce the price because the good frame is good! What a person recommends this "standard" custom!

With this, you can start riding considerably, so if you are considering the body in the future, please refer to it!

Then it is an introduction of "Kagero" standard custom!

Frame Tyrant Bikes Kagero ¥ 132,000 (in Tax)
If you do the standard of the above frame, ...

Like this!

・ Tyrant Bikes Kagero Standard Custom ¥ 242,000 (IN TAX)

It looks simple like this!
Basically, it's okay to think that it is equivalent to the parts attached to the 725TR of "Leader®︎"! !

Why not try riding in this state and customize it little by little to you? ?

Please feel free to contact us for detailed customs! !

By the way, "Kagero" is a frame sale, so you can also replace it from the fixie bike you are riding.

Please feel free to speak! !

Ayumu the daddy.

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