How to enjoy low cost bike.

Hello Mr. Toriyama.

Today's blog is going to give the leader the custom direction of the visitor during the admiration reservation reception now.

This time, the entry model "721tr" that is able to get to the best is carried out.

This model becomes a cooper machine which can ride the characteristic geometry of the lever while suppressing the price.

So it's a model that has more than 735tr.

When it says fine and good place, the seat post adopts not the exclusive standard but the general standard.

This is not a exclusive article, so I think that it is good that there is not that aero feeling of the leisure and regrettable.

However, there is Merritt who can use various brands of things if I return the lining.

So this time I brought the best spec to such places.

Handle, stem, and sheet post unified.

I think that it is a handle, a stem, and a seat post to decide the wheel first.

Because I think that it is important to set the position suitable for oneself first and to be able to be able to ride comfortably comfortably.

The ability of Max doesn't come out even if it is made to be a good crank even if it doesn't fit here.

Honestly, it costs over 721tr car body price, but I think that it is not a big problem for a long rider.

Enve has one after one compensation to provide more quality to the highest quality

Because it is long enough, I can take it to the next frame even if it doesn't get 721tr.

If you can set the position and get comfortable setting, you can do the following custom from there

You can run faster and faster. I feel like that.

Completed car: the best bike

Handle: Live carbon compact load drop bar

Stem carbon road stem

Sheet post: Eve carbon 2 ball test post 31.6 "40480

Fabic scoop race saddoll flex


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