There was a large volcanic eruption in Tonga.
Kanto is not another affair, but is assumed by the Mt. Fuji eruption announced by the Cabinet Office.
The capital function is paralyzed about two to three hours after the eruption occurs, and the damage is estimated to be 2.5 trillion yen.

Apparently, a sudden news program. This is Miya.

By the way, the sale is a paragraph today. So, this time, I will introduce such a creative fix.


Slim and simple.
Local Bikes “Metro” has a universal charm with the bicycle departure.

This time, I tried to customize anything other than the crank.

The handle is particularly good for classic ditail motorcycles
Select Nitto Bullmoosebar ¥ 7,920 (TAX IN).

It has a unique shape and stem integrated structure that combines four tubes.
It is a gem that the skillful techniques unique to NITTO glow everywhere.

I wanted to make a retro impression overall
The brake lever was attached to DIA-COMPE's "DC-135".

Since the lever is set a little longer than usual,
I think it would be more effective to match it with a relaxed bar handle like this time.

The grip is a classicOURY MOUNTAIN GRIP ¥ 1,980 (TAX IN)

Among the many custom parts
The grip depends on the mood of the staff at that time and the stock status of the manufacturer.
It is an item where the lineup of the store fluctuates considerably
Only this OURY grip is kept as much as possible.

Aluminum frames such as LEADER and DSNV, which are the bones of BROTURES
Steel frame like this METRO, up to the topic Mate Bike
Even if you attach it to any body, it doesn't make you feel uncomfortable at all.

If you compare it in an easy -to -understand manner
I think that it is a sense of stability of Iwashita player in Fukuoka Ohori, who was hitting a surprisingly stable stats in this year's high school basketball winter cup.

The front and rear wheelsKichijoji blog the other dayBut I introduced it
Install Velocity "QUIL" hand -assembled wheels.

Beautiful mirror finish,
A friendly rim shape with a unique roundness while high -spec.

Shoes for bicycles, motto shoes?
The tires have also been tried to TUFO, which is unusual for recent Kichijoji.


It is a racing tire world that is in the "light" category, even in 200g or 180g,

This "Calibra Lite" is the light of the impact that goes further. Rainy day 150g.
It's so light that it's hard to write, and it's so light that you think you have paper.

Last but not least
The saddle is famous for "100 times cooler with the textured texture than a new one"
SELLE ITALIA "FLITE 1990" ¥ 15,950 (TAX IN)

The seat post is famous as a part that became difficult to order after Corona, according to the handle.
NITTO's "SP-72" seat post.

As mentioned above, I wanted to make the crank silver with this feeling.
I stopped this time because the price was going to be ridiculous.

Existing METRO owners, those who got it for the first time, etc.
If you are not sure about the future custom, please contact us.

METRO is garbled ~


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