SALE !! POW GLOVE remaining 2 points !!

This year, the first spring blew around last week. That doesn't mean getting warmer. The cold days continue, and the days I can't let go of the gloves will continue. Meanwhile, many bicycle riders, including EMI Brown, use it. Active glove brand that brings out performance power [POW] I will do SALE because the glove has two remaining! [HIRO-SHAKA]/S size ¥5,250¥2,600
The original powerful rubber can handle aggressive movements. The back of the hand is hard to get stuffy due to mesh processing, and has excellent breathability. [HD GLOVE]/S size ¥8,400¥4,200
This price in real leather. I am surprised at the high heat retention without passing through the wind. This is a glove you want to use for those who ride formal, dressy, and use it.
Leather oil is also included, so let me get used to it. Please grow the skin! Snowboards and golf are famous, but selling bicycle lines In Japan, only BROTURES is available. Speaking of gloves, this is also the last one! ! T19 Action Gloves "NISIKI GLAB" ¥ 5,670
Riding glove from the skating team "T19" representing Japan. Using a nylon material that is good for breathability and heat retention on the back surface of the hand. The palm of the hand is NISHIKI pattern, one of the original textiles of T19!
There is no problem because the grip is high because it is printed with silicon. In addition, it is a slip -on type so it can be attached and removed smoothly. Above all, this design like T19 looks cool! One point left! Please feel free to contact us if you are not able to come to the store. natsuka
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