Change "722TS HERITAGE LO"

HERITAGE LO, which has recently become popular This time, the parts have been upgraded with the replacement of the frame.
This HERITAGE LO is also good for looks.
S805 Carbon fork for better ride.
When it hits the sunshine, it shines different from the room. very beautiful.
First BROTURES original hub! We are happy with the hub and us!
Tioga Spyder Twin Tail
Unfortunately, OMNIUM has been sold out, but it's okay. Brotures Original Rip Crankthere is. nowDuring the replacement campaignSo even more deals!
* It is not a no -brake because the brake was carried to attach it on this day. I really liked it. The chromoly frame with a high durability is high even when riding on it. It will be a frame that can be handed down as a Heritage (heritage). It was 4Low I wanted so much that HERITAGE LO could get out of the throat.
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