Brotures Original Rip Crank replacement c...

Brotures Original Rip Crankbut, If you are now purchasing an original custom completed car, you can change it at + ¥ 10,000! !
Usually, if you replace it with RIP CRANK as a single item, RIP CRANK ¥ 22,050 + replacement wage ¥ 1,000 = ¥ 23,050, right? However, if you replace it from the beginning, it will be $ 10,000. Great. There are many signals when running on the street, Stop & go repetition will be the basics. That means rowing, and the start dash should be faster. It is important to be able to put the speed smoothly. When you think about it, how do you convey your power without waste? It is represented by SRAM OMNIUM cranks, etc. It's a direct torque. BROTURES also adds visuals and accuracy In addition, we did trial and error so that it can be reduced to an affordable price. You can get a Direct Torque / Outboard BB crank set for only 10,000 yen plus. It's an enviable era. * The target is limited to customers who purchase the original custom completed car. Please let us know when you purchase.
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