Leader Kagero x Brotures Shred Wheel

BROTURES SHERD WHEEL is finally in stock! Yesterday I brought a bicycle at the store The customer came! And customers waiting for 735TR! Please wait for a while! We will arrive soon! Today's custom completed car is Leader Kagero!
BROTURES SHRED WHEEL SET, small parts are polished. I tried to make a custom bike with a sense of quality The saddle is combined with the logo color with Black/Yellow of Fizik Arione CX Stem and seat posts are standard Thomson Silver Parts It is one that makes you feel like a chari that seems to be dangerous at a glance.
Kagero × Brotures Shred Wheel Custom Bike ¥ 273,000 It is surprising to cut 300,000 with this custom! For Kagero frame, which is popular with the comfort of riding It is an advanced custom bike with a carbon wheel that enhances the quality of the running. Godai
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