WBC also begins! !

WBC opens yesterday following SHRED ALL DAY! ! The last WBC was hospitalized due to injury and was on the bed. At that time, Ichiro's hit in the final was about to cry I still clearly remember that the motivation of rehabilitation was very rising. Yesterday's Brazil wasn't a victory, but it was a good game with veteran competition! It will also play China today! By the way, today we introduce Leader Kagero of former high school ball Junki. Kagero Oceanic Blue
Five years ago, "The man is silent and is an iron hand! 5 years since I saw the phrase in a magazine NITTO Iron Drop that has been used forever. The combination of the chain ring 52T and the rear cog 19T He's a particular commitment. Glue pride always makes a considerable speed at high speeds! BROTURES is the only qualification for bicycle maintenance. We have a full trust in maintenance. Quick and polite, such as 3 months inspection after delivery and replacement of parts Please leave it to Mechanic Junki.

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