New !! 721 Duomatic

What is the difference from the 721 COMPLETE so far? If you think so, continue ⇒ Thank you for clicking on the continuation. Please make a difference immediately!
yes! This is different! not yet? ? ? Isn't the hub a little thicker than usual? Don't you think? That should be it. Here, it comes with an interior 2 -stage gear + coaster brake! What it means, You usually row the pedal positively. It is a mechanism that rows (stepping on) on the back, and a rear brake is applied. This is the so -called coaster hub. This brake is often used for beach cruisers that are often seen along the sea. And two gears? It looks like only one piece as usual! What? Because it is interior, it is built in this slightly thicker hub. But it doesn't have a shifter lever! What? This hub is a kickback type, so in the manner of applying a coaster brake. If you step on the back once, you will be able to shift by itself. Thanks to this interior 2 -stage gear + coaster brake
The area around the rear is so refreshing! No brake cable or caliper! The coaster hub is a brake that is legally a problem, so please ride it dignifiedly :)
The handle is refreshing! The front brake is not yet attached, but the brake lever is only one side. a! The handle is actually new! I like the matte texture.
This is also a new design I806A aluminum fork The unprecedented sophisticated design and the L logo flourish the white body. This Duomatic is not a fixed gear Because it is the same free gear as a general bicycle Fixed gear is scary, so a little ... It is one of the recommended ones for those who thought. With the cool appearance of aero frame This one has the comfort that anyone and men and women of all ages can ride. Test rides are also available at the store Please come and try it once. Leader Bike 721 Duomatic ¥ 84,000 Color: Black or White 4Low
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