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From the first time I saw Mash video, EMI Brown's beautiful and powerful ride, I remember Leader Bike, which he controls, is possessed by its charm. Please pay attention to such EMI photos. It's hard and hard to see, but his glove is doing
POW GLOVES is a USA brand that has been supporting riders around the world and has reached its 10th year this year. These three are available from various lineups.
From the left OZONE White, Blue each ¥ 5250- HD ¥ 8400- The palm of Ozene's hand is
It is a model that uses a synthetic leather that is familiar to the base and is printed with silicon for non -slip. The back side of the hand is made of a material called Neophane, which is used for wet suits with excellent weather resistance, heat resistance, and excellent wetsuit. Other parts are nylon material with good elasticity.
Blue has a beautiful silicon print color. Ozone is usually used, and the outstanding grip power holds the handle firmly, so it is perfect for bicycles. This HD is
We use goat skin, which has a flexible touch. The goat leather is thin and light, but it is a very solid leather, so you can use it and enjoy the taste.
A simple design with a brand logo on the back of the hand. Using a microfrease inside, the touch is very pleasant. In addition, a solid rib prevents the wind from entering, making it a strong ally to survive this winter.
Waterproofing can be performed without damaging the leather and without being too softer It comes with a London leather wax "Nikwax", so if you care, you will not be afraid of getting wet. Pow if you want gloves. It is the quality without mistake. 763
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