Track Racer Chain

When did you finally change the chain? The chain is a consumable item. Even if you clean the beans and insert the oil, the frame will be worn and lose weight, and it will be in a so -called stretched state. The more you ride, the faster the replacement time. Please pinch the chain and shake it. If the Shang Shan sounds, it's time to replace it. If you insert the oil but are worried about the sound recently, it may be time to replace it. And believe, use this HKK Bertex chain. The color is three colors
It's a little blue, but this is black. Packing is strict because it is a chain that clears the NJS standard of bicycle racing parts.
This is silver. It is a pattern in which silver and black are alternately connected.
Finally, gold. This is also alternating with black. As you can see, the package is oil and Hitahita. I have been using this chain for about seven or eight times in the past. Please try it. HKK Vertex Chain /BK ¥ 2625- /SL, GD ¥ 4300-
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