Thanx !!!!

Today is the last day of BROTURES YOKOHAMA! Thank you for all this year! ! The Yokohama store is open for the new yearFrom 1/5 (Sat) 12:00Will be. Please make sure there is no mistake. This year it will be reopened, In that case, we have a lot of congratulations from everyone Much obliged. The shop is supported by customers It was a year when I was able to feel clear both physically and mentally. There are still many places that haven't reached yet I think there were some inconveniences. I can't count on being saved by everyone's warm response. Thank you very much. Next year, we will stick to the ground firmly so that we can reduce even one. I would like to move forward one step at a time. It's an ordinary greeting This will be a greeting at the end of the year. Brotures Staff with all your heart.
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