T19 "Two-Four" How I Roll Custom Bike

Customers who delivered Leader Bike 725TR last month for a little ride T19 "Two-Four" How I Roll has also been purchased! It is delivered immediately!
Furthermore, the saddleT19 X SDG USA ¥ 9,870Custom
T19 and American“SDG”Collaboration sheet。 Until a few years ago, SDG, which produces only seats, was produced in the United States, but now it is produced in Taiwan and it is for completion. This time, we reprinted the US -made logo with T19 bespoke. The position of the side cutting stitch is also the specifications at that time!
The Burger tank of T19 is also engraved firmly. And it's a custom basket because it's for a little shopping
A stylish bicycle that was cool but easy to ride was made.
With the arrival of How I Roll, T19 sunglasses, bandana and carabiners are also available. I will upload it again later! natsuka
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