One to enjoy from the culture of the fist

The piste bike is the roots of the messenger starting riding a track bike for competitions.
It is not a bicycle built with a purpose like other bicycles.

In Japan, it will be rooted in skaters and other street culture.
It is very exciting to ride a bicycle that is not assumed to be a city ride on the street,
I think it was easy to take into a lifestyle because the harmony with fashion was high.

The custom of the piste bike at that time was really diverse.
Because the finished car was not sold from the manufacturer, it was inevitable to collect and assemble parts.
Even so, such a machine was still a focus.

Tyrant Bikes Beastie Basic Compile Bike

Simple and beautiful frame, impact carbon wheel, powerful track drop.
There are not many elements that make up a piste bike, but the impression and ride comfort will change just by one different part.

You don't have to think about difficult things.
It accelerates as much as you step on the pedal and has toughness required for the street.
A form that looked for speed and style.
I personally think that it is cool because of such a motorcycle.

This BEASTIE can be customized for your favorite piste bike because it has no habit.
Why don't you enjoy the unique culture?
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