The accuracy of the bearing is also good, and it is low and lightweight. It was out of stock, but it arrived! Brotures Original Pedal ¥ 2,940
Strap holes are widened to make it easier to insert straps. Such Brotures Original Pedal, a new color! !
Dark clear color that was unlikely. I am glad that it is not too noticeable. And I want you to pay attention here!
The logo is included! ! This color is ¥ 2,940 without changing the price. Along with that, this was out of stock. Brotures Original Power Strap ¥ 4,830
The fit is very good without damaging the sneakers. Tough that does not lose its shape and flexibility corresponding to various movements. I can change the size according to the shoes of the day, so I am glad that any shoes can ride a bicycle. Because it is a magic tape type, anyone can easily install it. Because it is in this state at first
First, open.
Pass through the hole of the pedal from the inside.
Please note that the pedal has right and left on the pedal. If you look closely, you can see R on the right and L on the left.
Peel the two large two pieces
Two thin two books passed through the hole in advance, peta
Really easy! Even if you buy it by mail order, you can attach it immediately. If you don't have a strap on your bicycle or use a toe clip Please try this too. Brotures Original Power Strap ¥ 4,830(tax included) Brotures Original Pedal ¥ 2,940(tax included) It's even cheaper with a set! BROTURES ORIGINAL PEDAL & STRAP ¥ 6,300 (tax included) natsuka
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