To you who are interested in Mack Hub

What do you choose for a hub if you build a hand -assembled wheel?
Philwood? Dura-Ace? I like Paul.
This option has not changed for a long time.
That's proof that it's a good hub.

However, there are some hubs that I care about recently.
Do you know MACK?
It is a brand that is all in -house in Poland, from design to production.

Mack High Flange Track Hub

The biggest feature is the lightweight reduction.
High quality 7075 aluminum is made by cutting CNC.
MACK is only 160g while the close shape of PHILWOOD is 262g at the front.
It is about 280g lighter compared to the set.
Even if you look at the numbers, you can feel that you actually have it.

If you want to make a lightweight wheel, you want to choose the first choice.
It will be a perfect wheel that coexists with rotation and durability.

The appeal of MACK is not just lightness.
It is possible to customize abundantly due to handmade.
Not only colors and spoke holes, but also flanges and cutouts.
You can finish it without compromising the ideal wheel.

Above all, you are attracted to a simple and beautiful design.
The design of the logo and alkan ciel is ink in the relief, so this is also high.
This time, I ordered it with a star cut flange custom.
It's a traditional design but modern. It feels like a new warmth.

MAKC orders will take time, but we will prepare them with your desired contents.
Only one set is in stock at the store, so please consider it.
If you are far away, please visit the mail order.


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