Recently I have been addicted to tan -tan noodles.

Hi, I love Hua Jao.

By the way, the NJS frame that is steadily traveling.
Since the exhibition space is free for the sold, we have added it at the timing.

Today, we introduce one of the most recently debuted.

BRIDGESTONE NJS Custom Bike ¥ 382,400 (Tax IN)

The logo of the car body is Bridgestone,
A phantom frame created by a builder that has already finished the production of truck frames.

However, the thing is NJS certified.
Quality with origami.

The point of attention is the previously introduced "BARAMONWas also used in

Speaking of colon buses, Brotures is familiar with CINELLI and DSNV.
In fact, it is very active in the bicycle race world.

NJS's fork shapes include "Maru" and "ellipse".
This is a shape called "aero".

Due to the design, the strength is high due to the width
It is created by using a special material called Niva Clome
It features a "spring" feeling.

This V2 GRIP, which arrived the other day, is also a good sale.
If you are a riser bar enthusiast, please try it.

The handle stem seat post is a tribute to the Japanese spirit of the frame
Unified with Nitto.

Even if you harden it with domestic products that are not particularly flashy, isn't it so great that you will be so far?
Is this the depth of Japanese manufacturing?

Fabric Scoop Race SADDLE ¥ 14,300 (TAX IN)

BROTURES T3 Pro Carbon Wheel ¥ 110,000 (Tax IN)

In addition, the saddle and front wheel are rare items without production next time.

"If you miss this, you will not be able to get it", but there are only three points in this one.

And as much as that
Demand will be much higher after disappearing than when there is a stock.
(In fact, the number of inquiries after sold out is increased.)

"I won't make it anymore."
From the rare parts that are born in the world, and are born in the world, and disappear

Just because it's a good thing does not mean that it will continue to exist forever.

You will be able to recognize such obvious things.

Don't be a regret, and buy it now.


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