"Pashute frame" allowed only for fixie bikes

Mamachari, mountain bike, road bike, BMX, ...

In this world, the types of vehicles called "bicycles" have also been considerably subdivided and increased.

And a piste bike. This is a bicycle that is one of the niche categories we talked about.

However, it has a beautiful triangle and at a single speed. The simple structure has not changed for more than 100 years.

Indeed, it is the most complete bicycle that is responsible for the birth of a bicycle, travels around and reaches the modern age.

Only such a piste bike is allowed"Pashute frame"

In Brotures, Pashute frame is a Kagero of Tyrant Bikes and LO Pro from Affinity Cycles.

And don't forget this one.

Click here for Spain's first Pashute frame sent by Barcelona's first Dosnoventa.


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This machine is the only lineup of aggressive pashute frames.

The more competitive, lighter, hard, and the good response of rowing is abnormal.

Please also see the Detroit clip that Dosnoventa has created in the past.

After all, DOSNOVENTA is attractive with this avant -garde product.

In the bicycle world so far, you only mentioned about bicycles.

Dosnoventa, on the other hand, is fashion, music, art and carculture.

Based on various elements, the product is being developed.

It is a very urban and creative brand.

DOSNOVENTA's Detroit is stocked at the Harajuku store with black and rare orange in the above photo.

Please feel free to contact us for purchase, consultation, etc.

All the staff are waiting for you.

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