Recent Mate custom.

Hello, this is Toriyama.

Today's Mate is about the custom project of Mate, which was recently ordered.

Everyone is doing cool custom, so I would like everyone to refer to it.

Mate is the main custom part of the handle, stem, saddle, etc.

If you say, it will be the main custom to show it.

Even so, it's a new genre chari, so if you customize it, it will be even more prominent.

Then I will check it out immediately.

This time I will introduce two.

The first is a custom based on JET GREY!

It is custom based on black parts, but brown is added to the grip and saddle.

It's a color scheme that looks great on gray. Silver to put in there is good again.

This grip is cool and easy to hold.

BROOKS SLENDER GRIP CAMBIUM is a model that reconstructed classic leather lock -on grip on canvas fabric.

While also has a retro texture, it has a new atmosphere because it is a lock -on.

The price is not so cheap, but we make a grip that can be used forever.

The saddle chooses SELLE ITALIA MIRANO, the same European brand as the grip.

It is one of the recommended saddles regardless of the Mate or the fist because it uses genuine leather and is comfortable to sit.

There are several types, colors, and grades, so please contact us if you are worried.

The last is the pedal introduction. Mate's genuine pedal is a foldable specification, but honestly cheap.

Changing here will improve the atmosphere at a stretch, and the more the noodles become wider, the better the ride.

There are many colors, so I think it would be nice if you could choose according to the frame.

Next, let's look at the other one.

This is Matt Black. There are many people who are on the most, so please refer to them.

This person is completely unified in silver. The color is the same brown system as the first one.

Looks like a motorcycle already, the saddle has a nice atmosphere.

This saddle is a classic genuine leather saddle in BROOKS, but it is slightly different from normal.

Thanks to that, it has a texture that has already been used, and the saddle surface is a little soft.

The spring in the rear absorbs vibration more, and the Mate's rear suspension is a riding taste that is not so painful.

I think it's a perfect saddle for Mate.

After all, MKS's Allways are popular.

Because it turns well, it is recommended because you can turn your feet non -stress, it looks simple and does not disturb.

There are two colors, silver and black, so I hope you can choose your favorite color.

This person is custom to the chain! We will respond as much as possible if you can consult this color chain.

Just changing from silver to gold will shine so much.

How was it.

We will continue to look for custom parts, so please feel free to say custom consultation.

I hope you can refer to these customs.

Completed car: Mate-X CompLETE BIKE ¥ 330,000-INTAX


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