The finest chain of the fist is definitely Kore. A bicycle chain including citis cars as well as fixes. From motorcycle chains to car chains to industrial machinery chains. IZUMI knows all the chains. It is a long -established mogul who is celebrating its 97th year this year.
IZUMI-V, the finest chain for IZUMI's piste. NJS certification, Japan Bicycle Promotion Association, of course, used by track racing competitors around the world, Many athletes used at the London Olympics won medals. The trust of street users is also strongThe reason is durability. Compared to the low -priced chain of IZUMI, the strength is tripled. Unlike free gear, it is recommended to wear it because it is a fist that tends to put a burden on the chain with skids. In addition, since the construction is strong and smooth, the power of power by the chain is small, so The rowing taste is light, and the bicycle accelerates to the speed you want. When it comes to professional parts by motorcycle or car, it tends to be very expensive. In the case of a bicycle, relatively easy,You can also enjoy that feeling with your own bicycleI think it is one of the pleasures. IZUMI-V Chain ¥ 5775- 763
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