Phantom Pearl Kagero

Recently, the "kagero" heat is dangerous among the staff. Because the store manager GODAI of Harajuku store became Kagero from 735. This ↓
I feel like I'm flying to this gorigori It ’s cool and cool. Yokohama's mechanic 763 -chan recently made Kagero. Aside from me ... So, don't you ride after all?

That's good.

Because the top tube is shorter than 735 Because you can put a longer stem than before, Not only does it look better when you put a drop or bullhorn, but Easy to skid! It is a view that the center of gravity is put in front of it. Of course, the weight of the car is light. Feeling that you can easily win even with a gear ratio exceeding 3


KO-1 is not a kagero even though he hasn't set up his 735 yet. You're still useless lol It's off from the main subject. It's a phantom pearl blog.
Original carbon seat post xSDG Duster SADDLE
EMI, MASSAN and many other overseas riders are this setting. Sugino 75 Crank × Sugino Zen
Gatsun on the frontBLB Notorious 05 What I always think of and I think is that the parts look good. No matter what you put in, it will be cool. It was 4LOW that kagero fever is likely to rise. ¥ 334,223 in the same way as the photo Kagero BROTURES Original custom completed car ¥ 157,500 ~
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