San Marco Vintage Regal Miele

San Marco. A large -sized saddle maker made of Italian handmade and called two strong with Seri Talia. Today we will introduce the [REGAL] saddle released by San Marco. The details point is from that shape. Regal, which has a fairly wide design among saddles sold in the world, is characterized by a higher flexibility at the point because it has designed to change the cushioning character in front and rear than other saddles. 。 I think the wave shape that can be seen from the side view is the result of studying for years. The next thing to keep an eye on is the six tacks that were symmetrical. The design of the studs is also worthy of the name of the vintage, and the cap. color has a good atmosphere with the charcoal leather. I wonder if it will be a protrusion, and because the seat is buckled with the seat, it is only possible to release the shape from 1984 that does not impair sitting comfort.
The rails are made with the same color as the studs, as they use them as they use them.
The leather material is also crisp and hard, and you can see the craftsman's temperament even though it is stuck without wrinkles. I think it's a smart way to lick hard leather with your own pedaling. The famous armstrong and the Italian Lion King, Mario Chipolini, have a proven track record, and of course, it's a good idea to put it in a rattling run. I'm longing to drive this saddle and chromoly frame on a holiday. KO1
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