Leader Bike 735tr The Mexican

World flag series! I have done Japan color. In the United States, there are manufacturers that are out. But there is no Mexico.
Outstanding rise, width and oversized DEDA Street-Issimo × Leader Bike aluminum shaving Stem The Shield Pour red and white here, and green is quietly put in a spacer to create a sense of unity.
The saddle is BROTURES's standard Physique CX This is the only color scheme that there is only this, and this time, the parts are selected around this saddle. The seat post is DEDA ZERO100 The setback is cool! Because it is lightweight, there are many people who put the Thomson Elite Seat Post, so I don't want to wear it. Especially recommended for people. The goodness of the rear green color is unique to Browsers original rims.
This is the Mexican flag. This is the theme color.
The position is located in the southern part of the North American continent.
Japanese people are Suicy! Samurai! Same as being told Isn't the image of Japanese Mexico like this? smile Lol Oh, I'm not stupid! Uncle smile is wonderful! ← If it gets a little more, I can ride a chari with a short pan high socks. There is no value in winter where you can not go to snowy mountains. But let's ride a bicycle without losing! ! Leader 735TR BK is coming soon Reservations are always OK! Please feel free to contact us. [VSW ID = "WVB3TVMAX8I" Source = "YouTube" Width = "425" Height = "344" Autoplay = "No"] Such a nostalgic melody doesn't fade, isn't it?♪ Adios, Amigos! ! 4DOLLAR
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