Leader Bikes 735TR BLK & WHT

Restock is approachingLeader Bikes 735TR This time is two -tone black and white.
StemLeader Bikes Pista StemChange to It is cooler at an exquisite angle of 17 ° at 70mm. The point of the cut -out logo of the face is also the point.
The fork is also upgraded. Leader Bikes I06TR Aluminum Carbon Fork Matte BLKTo. The fork that comes with a set of what is said to be a good frame It's almost an aluminum carbon fork. That means that even if the price of frame set sales rises. I recommend that. You know. This is absolutely better. It's a corner, so let's stick to it! Other tires are white and balanced, It is summarized in the place where it is a pouring color. After all 735TR is cool :) ¥ 164,693- in the same way as the photo LEADER BIKES 735TR BROTURES Original Custom completed car ¥ 139,650 ~ 4$
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