I want to look like this if I eat a little older. Back to the 50's. Today is a little change! start. Los Angeles, 1949. Brooklyn -born gang boss in New York, Mickey Cohen (Sean Pen) has taken the city of drugs, guns, and prostitution. In addition, it was partitioned from Chicago to gambling in a wide area west. Not only is the minion protecting his activities, Police and politicians. Cohen's power was trained in the city, Even a very brave detective was scared. The exception is probably with John Omala (Josh Brolin) Led by Jerry Waterers (Ryan Gosling), Only a small secret team consisting of the L.A. Police's '' fragments ''. It is the "strongest unit '' collected to break the Cohen Empire. What an intrigue? Moreover, the stage is L.A. Isn't it intriguing? Can anyone go to see me? (women only) [VSW ID = "dsu8ffm9FV0 & List = pl68EDC6E6CC349533" Source = "YouTube" Width = "425" Height = "344" autoplay = "no"] ■ info. Warner Brothers Movie TEL.03-5251-6431www.warnerbros.co.jp Yes, Speaking of L.A., Leader Bikes U.S.A. Rider Alonso Tal is also L.A.
You can see the video, Stylish and charming Alonso I haven't had it yet, but I guess I Imagi Brother Yanya U-DAI It's a really good guy. I thought so:) Alonso's Movie is super cool, so check it out! [VSW ID = "53848703" Source = "Vimeo" Width = "425" Height = "344" autoplay = "No"] 4Low
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