Leader Bike 735TR BLK, Blu, WHT & POL

Leader Bike 735TR frame arrival! Today, I took a picture indoors due to the unfortunate rainy weather. Sorry for the blur! This time again, I haven't done it again Black x blue
Beautiful frame welding part
Coloring that allows you to enjoy matte texture than any frame.
Leader Bike Down Drop Bar Polish×Leader the Shield Stem 90mm
ARIONE is less stressful, and it looks like a lacy ◎ Play on white and monotonous saddles.
Brotures Original Rip Crank Chrome plating This secures the lightness of rowing.
Put Pro3 dark blue on the front tire Produces a thickness of a rim of 50mm or more. The tires look thin :) It's definitely cool to just pour only blue in black. I can expect it, so this time white and polish I just poured a little. 735TR has not been released with COMPLETE BIKE Each one is a lump of individuality. Think a lot, let's create the best one :) !! Leader Bike 735TR Original custom completed car ¥139,650〜 Leader Bike 735TR frame ¥57,750
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