Leader Bike 735TR MATTE BLK × RD & GLD

First impression, gorgeous. Anyway, if you ride, the punch is effective and the cool color is good! ! Some people should be thinking! Then this is the color I think! MATTE BLK x RD & GLD
Leader Bike I06TR MATTE BLK
Leader Bike SPCA1 Aero Carbon Seat Post Long Short is also available!
Brotures Original Rip Crank BLK The frame is matte black and rugged Coloring that gives megaton punch with a wheel! how is it. It will be a huge impact. But it's cool. 735TR I'm good at matching! This is SF 49ers, some people look like goldfish! I think some people say that. In other words, how to catch it is each person :) I actually saw the Instagram of Michael Chacon, a leader bike USA rider Do this! I thought. I like it because I wear it well :)
It's called yesterday's blog, lol Such a Michael Chacon is actually appearing in the LA movie of Nike Air Force 1 (AF1). [VSW ID = "xjk09fmbce4" Source = "YouTube" Width = "425" Height = "344" autoPlay = "No"] No Fut Willie! ! So one of today's¥202,851- Drop only the handle! And Lower the price with the same coloring! I can also respond. Please tell us your wishes without being shy. We will do our best! ! Leader Bike 735TR MATTE BLK BROTURES Original Custom completed car ¥139,650〜 Leader Bike 735TR Frame ¥57,750 4DOLLAR
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