Leader Bike Kagero Phantom Pearl Bull Horn

Nice One!
Can you understand this pearl condition? ← narration -like laughter of psychic programs Then again ...
I don't really do it lol Top chew logo. The yellow new design logo is eye -catching.
Chain stergo. The same logo is included on the non -live side :) Using 7005 aluminum, lightness is the top among Leader Bike. Because it is a good response frame, adding a direct crank will increase that feeling. The street is a series of stops and go. The better the response, the better the start dash. It's dangerous if Kagero pulls out at the top! Absolutely cool! The perspective of pedestrians waiting for a traffic light will be locked. Kagero, Brotures Yokohama is intense Push. In the same way as today's one photo¥166,426- Leader Bike Kagero Frame Set ¥92,400 Leader Bike Kagero Brotures Original Custom completed car ¥157,500〜 4$
73-2 Yamashita-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama MAP
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