~ Brotures Used vehicle body / used parts...

Are there any bicycles that are not riding or parts that are not used?


BROTURES purchases used motorcycles and used parts at all stores.

・ About purchase

Professional staff will assess bicycles and unused parts.
If you can understand the assessed value, we will purchase in cash on the spot.
(Expensive products may be bank transfer.)

・ About trade -in

Customers who are considering purchasing a new car or customizing parts can trade unnecessary motorcycles and parts.
This will also be assessed by a specialized staff and deduct the amount of presentation from the purchase price.

Of course, the assessment is free, so please feel free to contact us.

Products purchased from customers are sold at BROTURES Kichijoji Store, which handles new & Outlet.
You can buy it at stores other than Kichijoji stores that sell used!

If you wish to purchase, please check the following and consult the nearest BROTURES.

・ Regarding the assessment, you can bring it to the store or take a photo by e -mail or DM.
* If the staff will assess it, and if you are satisfied with the presentation amount, you will be able to purchase it.
* In the case of e -mail and DM, the assessment is estimated, and the accurate amount is determined after the staff sees the actual thing.
* The items you bring in will be assessed based on the manufacturer/year/state/state.
(Please note that some of the above may not be possible to purchase.)

In addition, since it will be a secondhand deal, please prepare the following.

~ In the case of purchasing parts ~
・ Certificate of ID (one point, such as license, passport, insurance card, etc.)

~ In case of motorcycle purchase ~
Certificate of identification (one point, such as license, passport, insurance card, etc.)

・ At the time of purchasePurchase certificate issued by the dealer(Receipt, delivery note, warranty card is fine.)
* In the case of the vehicle that has been handed over from a third party, please prepare a "transfer certificate".
・ Certificate of security registration certificate
(If the body is registered for security, please release it yourself.)

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