Purchase classic parts and Newcomer parts.

Corona situation without calm. Sad news, such as hate climbs and robbery, flies in the world, but I hope that this situation will be posted as soon as possible.

The world super -long numbered number recently watched on TV. It was the founder of a certain mail order company that was in the first place. After all, I want to see that the demand for mail order is increasing and the stock price is rising significantly.

Blow's online sites have also opened a new site from this year, but we will continue to try and error to improve the service so that it is easier to use. We are considering not only the perspective of management but also for many users, so thank you in the future.

By the way, this time about parts situation. Classic parts, fashionable parts, and ECO parts are available, so please introduce them.

Nitto B809AA SSB Riser Bar

Mks Allways

long time no see. really. It has finally arrived because the missing and missing items have continued. However, the rest is very small and it is likely to be a first -come -first -served basis. Nevertheless, we accept reservations because it is a sign of restocking soon.

I don't think it's useless, but it's rough. Nitto and MKS, a manufacturer that Japan is proud of, continued to be loved by bicycle users. This time, B809 and Allway are in stock.

The B809 cools the exquisite rise height and back sweeping the running posture and the original appearance of the vehicle body. Allway is still that rotation. Not only pedaling, but also a wide meat removal, it goes well with thick straps such as YNOT.

Sella Italia Mirano Turbo Racer

How is this saddle? The round silhouette makes this patch behind and the top make a modern appearance.

Recently, there are many orders for classic appearance, but this saddle is definitely perfect.

Concor Supercorsa



LE ECOLOGHE series from Selle Son Marco. ECO bicycle parts made of 50%recycled plastic bottle and 50%jute.

Recently, sneakers and the like seem to be ECOs, so if you are highly conscious, please try this part. It is resistant to sweat, has high durability and looks good at all.

I will post it online soon, so please wait for a while. If you are interested, please contact us.

Cris King Nothreadset 1 "

This is also a standard. The compatibility with the LO Pro of the frame Affinity, which has been recommended from the other day, is outstanding. It is said that it is "this" as well as "this" because it is very accurate. The more long -term warranty, the more the manufacturer is and the parts that are proud. If you are thinking about changing the color of the color, please try it.

This time, I chose a little novel part from the standard place.

The parts were difficult to moisturize due to the Corona situation, but I wonder if they are recovering little by little. It may be better to hurry because you do not know when it will be again after sold out.

The parts that I just said I was waiting were available. We are always waiting for custom requests, so please feel free to contact us.


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