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Wouldn't it be possible to aim for SHRED ALL DAY? Everyone will develop more and more amazing things! I can't do other people. smile I will do my best: b By the way, this time is a telephoto lens for I Pad mini!
A lens unit that makes it easy to shoot optical telephoto shooting simply by attaching it to I Pad mini.
The unit consists of a lens and a dedicated hard cover, Attach the dedicated cover to the iPad mini, It is a specification that is used by fixing the lens to the cover, The dedicated cover is even if you do not use the lens It can be used alone as a protection cover that protects iPad mini from impact or dust.
Since the magnification of the telephoto is 12 times optical, high -quality zoom shooting can be performed while utilizing the camera performance of the iPad mini. While wearing the dedicated cover as a protective cover and carrying it around everyday Attached a telescope according to the telephoto shutter chance to easily shoot telephoto. It is a Suguremono that can be used in the two roles of "protection of iPad mini and 12 times the optical telephoto shooting". I have shared from Click here for details ↓ Of course there seems to be for iPhone :) Others can be obtained cheaply unexpectedly, such as It may be a must -have item to make a difference from others. 4Low
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