Leader Bike 721TR × Notorious 50 W/Paul Hub

763 is a new product BRICK LANE BIKES (BLB)"Notorious 50"Because he brought me I immediately put it on!
Even so, the weather was amazing today! Yellow sand? If you think, it seems to be a fog. It seems that the sand and dust on the surface of the ground are rolled up by the wind. Speaking of which, the wind was not odd. And it gets cold at once. Tomorrow is the temperature of winter again, so everyone will take measures against the cold! Alright, Notorious 50I tried to assemble it!
What is it? The point of this brake surface is also high! It's fashionable :) Moreover, this 50mm rim hat. It's exquisite! ! Isn't there a lot of people who wanted it?
Moreover, the hub is perfectPaulThat: D♪ Turn around! ! Do it Just press it with your finger and keep it around. The front desk affects the comfort especially when driving. I also get the lightness at the same time This combination is odd. Maybe This time the base vehicle721TRSo, the price is also considered! ¥ 162,535- in the same way as today's photo If this is a 725TRCOMPLETE base, it can be done with ¥ 198,235- LEADER BIKE 721TR COMPLETE BIKE ¥ 79,800- BLB Notorious 50 CARBON DEEP RIM ¥ 42,000 4DOLLAR
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