Leader Bike 725TR WHT & BLK W/Notorious 90

If you do it! White & black! London brand BLB, which is impactful I set up a new white of NOTORIOUS90 as the main!
DEDA ELEMENTI STREET-ISSIMO in stock The riser also has a position, so it will be an easy ride. Because it is easy to put in force, it is easy to practice skid :)
The saddle is immovable popular Fi'zi: K Arione CX. Wingflex technology that does not hinder foot rotation movement, Flat and long designs increase the degree of freedom in the position.
This thickness! ! It looks thicker thanks to the expansion of white.
White is printed in silver letters.
Brotures Original Hub, the only hub, remaining in the store. The spokes are black and black and white. ¥ 202,247- in the same way as today's photo LEADER BIKE 725TR COMPLETE BIKE WHITE ¥ 126,000 LEADER BIKE 725TR Brotures YOKOHAMA Original Custom completed car ¥ 129,150 ~ 4$
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