I like silver bikes.

I personally think that the fabric is dirty or damaged. Of course, values ​​are different for each person, and it doesn't mean you don't value things. But the pisto I think is a "Ibushi Silver" motorcycle that is always tattered, but feels powerful. I hope that such a wound will be a "taste" that tells the history of a car. I tried to assemble one while imagining what. Leader Bikes The Cure "Polish" ¥ 100,000 (+Tax) In particular, we do not choose flashy parts or expensive parts. That's why you can enjoy aging in a good way. If you match the sharp impression of the CURE on the front, you will want to put the silver color. Now, the shiny polish is dull someday and talks about the road I have been running.
ARAYA SA-730 X Dura-Ace Custom Wheel ARAYA in the rim, spoke is Hoshi, and hub is SHIMANO. It was a silver and old school wheel. Not only classical iron frames, but also modern bikes such as Leader Bikes are good. The performance does not go out. The DURA-ACE hub used for bicycle racing is the highest grade of SHIMANO. It turns the best. The rim is a reprint of ARAYA's Super Aero. Because it is a clincher, it is perfect for city riding. Even if the paint peels off, a bomb full of stickers may even come off. Still, isn't the bike running running as it was at the time of delivery? I haven't seen much of such a fix. TOSHI
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