Eighthinch Scrambler V.3 Brotures Yokoham...

This time is one of the characteristic handles. I think this bicycle is the handle first to see.
What is this handle? I've never seen it! No, there should be once.
Leader Bike USA rider, Alomso's favorite handle. You know this, right? Yes, NITTO's RB021! I chop it and put it upside down and wrapped the bar tape. The brake lever also has a TT lever. The area where brown is poured into the popular RAW color I feel the good sense of adults :)
Pedal strapBROTURES original Clear black, a brand logo has been added to the side! You can see the shaft and bearing inside, and it's a mechanical! That's right! Please make your only bike! Yay! ! I was broken by Lou. 。 Well, what I want to say is the same. Let's make up! 4Low
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