Leader Bikes 735TR Rear Shred!

735TR, which is popular in Dantotsu. How about this kind of assembly? The popularity of Dantotsu is honestly so many people are riding. But it is that? In other words, the probability of wearing is high, right? I think if you have a twisted way of thinking like me, you can share it. I don't want to wear it! But I want to ride it even though it is cool! ! Then you should customize it! ! Usually started Emi Brown Many people put carbon diprim on the front wheel Then it is the flow of putting it in the rear. You're twisted -lol But isn't it cool? The style is out. Pour popular color digital blue in color, In fact, we inject white with hidden color. 4 $ DESIGN. ←? The introduction has become longer, but please close up each part!
King OGG BULL HORN BAR "DEDA DA BAR" If you pick it up and hold it, you will want it, so be prepared when you pick it up.
Leader Bikes SPCA1 Aero Carbon Seat Post Short It's a size that is kind to Japanese people lol
New !! Arione R3 We have successfully adopted a newly developed composite shell to secure an ideal rigidity while reducing weight.
Brotures Rip Crank!! The design has entered from this time! cool! ! I have decided to use this bicycle currently being produced.
No.1 popular with custom wheelsH Plus Son Archetype The popularity overseas is also very high.
88mm carbon diprimBrotures Shred Wheelbut ¥ 54,600 in combination with original BROTURES original hub, which is popular, lightweight, lightweight. Cost performance is definitely good.
No matter who says, this down tube is cool. Why don't you make a difference this spring with a piste bike, a change of heart? I will definitely make a cool one. For custom bikes, please contact BROTURES YOKOHAMA 4Low. LEADER BIKE 735TR BROTURES Original Custom completed car ¥ 139,650 ~
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